What Makes the Montessori Method So Unique?

The early years of childhood have a lasting impact on the person we grow up to be. What happens during the first eight years of life has a profound impact on the way we live later on.

The Montessori Method of Education is a teaching philosophy created by Dr. Maria Montessori. After studying medicine at the University of Rome, she developed her method as a public health measure that would help future generations.

Nearly 100 years later, her approach is recognized around the globe. But what is the Montessori Method and how does it work? Read on to learn more.

The Need for Love and Guidance

The world isn't always an easy place to live. The vast majority of people will face adversity during some point in their lives.

Not everyone has the tools to get through it. It doesn't matter if the challenge is academic, career-related, or emotional.

Childhood experiences can determine their ability to overcome these challenges.

A Passion for Learning

Dr. Montessori was an impulsive learner and teacher. Like many women in medicine, she faced sexism from her peers and professors.

She had to study anatomy after hours by herself. They deemed it “inappropriate” for her to be together with the male students around a naked body.

Regardless, she was an excellent student. She was particularly interested in developmental psychiatry. She witnessed firsthand the effects of an unhealthy upbringing.

Why Choose the Montessori Method

If you weigh Montessori Method pros and cons, it's clear that any child would benefit from our kind of learning environment. 

The method may seem different to someone who is used to conventional methods. 

Backed by Science

The Montessori Method wasn't created to stuff as many children in a room as possible and have them memorize stuff.

It was created by a doctor with a love for education and a sincere interest in public health. She saw the benefits of early education. There are studies that show a real cognitive benefit.

Fostering a Love for Learning

Many conventional schools are overwhelmed by the sheer number of students and lack of resources. The teachers are firmly bound to a certain curriculum. They often find themselves doling out discipline more than anything.

This can lead kids to get bored and even disillusioned with learning.

The Montessori Method aims to instill a love for learning. The children are often encouraged to participate in choosing their curriculum and teaching it too!

An Environment of Learning and Respect

Parents only want the best for their children. One of the best things you could do for them is to let them learn, grow, and have fun in a safe environment. 

The Montessori Method of teaching will give your child the tools to continue learning and exploring as they grow into teenagers and young adults.

When it comes to education, don't settle for traditional classrooms. Visit this page to learn more about the programs we have to offer.

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