How To Limit Kid’s Screen Time

Today’s kids have more media options including TV, smartphones, Tablets and Computer. Spending too much time on these gadgets can be harmful to their health and social skills. It increases their threat of obesity, obstructs social activities, reduces the family time and sometimes causes an internet addiction. This is a serious condition and parents need to pay proper attention to help their kids limit their screen time so that they can enjoy life in a better way. Here are a few tips to limit your kids’ screen time.

Put Clear Regulations About Electronics

Most teenagers are not mature enough to decide their preferences while using different kinds of electronics. You should set a few rules to keep your kid safe and help him to make alternatives with cell phones, TVs, video games and computers.

Be A Role Model First

If you really want to see your kid following the good and healthy lifestyle, first you have to improve your lifestyle. Asking your child to stop using  smartphone or video games while you are watching TV is not effective at all. Be a good role model for your kid so that he would love to follow your footsteps.

Motivate Your Child For Physical Activity

Most children spend inactive lifestyle by sitting in front of the TV or playing games on their mobile phones. This type of routine makes your child follow an unhealthy lifestyle, you must encourage your child to do some exercise, play outdoor activities and perform other kinds of activities that require physical movements.

Make Screen free day

It’s a great idea to create screen free days in a week. It will help your child to understand that there are many other activities that can be done without using smartphones and any other electronics. Allow your kids to spend this day by visiting relatives, reading story books, doing some creative work and more.

Give Privileged Screen Time

Tell your child that screen time is a privilege for them and they can earn it by doing some good activities. Allow him to spend time on electronics only after completing their responsibilities.

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