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We first opened our school in San Dimas, (located on Arrow Hwy) in 1970 as a private preschool and in 1993 changed to a Montessori school. Then we began construction on our brand new facility and with much excitement opened our doors at 818 W. Gladstone St., on August 15th 2011.

We offer a wide variety of services starting with early education programs for preschool-kindergarten, junior high programs, after school day care, daycare for infants, all of which are montessori programs.

Our school and child care are open year round, hours are 6:00 am to 6:30 pm and during the summer we also have a summer camp.
Safety of our students and the kids in our toddler and infant child care programs is the largest of priorities at Arrow Montessori School. We strive to be the best school and best child care service in Los Angeles and our love for children is what motivates us.
As a result our school and daycare center are closed facilities. No one enters or leaves without our knowledge. Parents and care givers are required to enter a code to again access to our facility. Every angle of the exterior is monitored by security cameras.
Our main building is over 10,000 sq feet with a computer lab, science lab and library.

Our toddler and infant child care center is a separate 2000 sq foot building dedicated to the care and education of our little people.
This building has it's own entry, separate from the school and requires an entry code.

For our after school programs for public school children we have a safe environment for outside play, snack time, home work and free play. For Physical education we have a basketball, tennis, volleyball and badminton court. Not to mention tae kwon do and gymnastics. During the summer we offer swimming lessons for ages 2 years to adults.

The Montessori class curriculum is individualized to the specific needs and interest of each child and is based on the discoveries of Dr. Maria Montessori. Children are give an enriched opportunity to learn in the “Montessori prepared environment”. The are encouraged to learn and never pushed or pressured to learn.

Arrow Montessori expresses a profound respect for the child's individual personality and needs. The child's natural desire to learn and his curiosity are satisfied with a wealth of learning opportunities in a stress free educational environment that is provided by using the Montessori Method.


Infant & Toddler Program Find out more here

In our Infant Toddler Program, we accept children ages 6 weeks to 23 months. A specially prepared loving environment is set up to accommodate the needs of our newest students.

Preschool - K Program Find out more here

The Preschool-Kindergarten program is for children 2 1/2 - 6 years old. The Montessori Method is utilized throughout this program to give your kids a head start on life.

Elementary - Program Find out more here

The Elementary Program results in a student who is in tune with his imagination and is more interested in social interaction with his peers.

Middle School - Program Find out more here

The Middle School Program makes the transition from childhood to adulthood. The desire to begin developing more skills is used to learn skills that will help the children make their transition into adult society much easier.

Summer Find out more here

The Summer program is something all of our students love! It is educational and fun a the same time while including many field trips that the students can't get enough of.