Who Was Maria Montessori?

Let’s find out about the founder of the Montessori method, Maria Montessori. Before we do that though, let’s explain why the Montessori methods are better than a conventional teaching system. Today, parents wish to get the best education for their kids. When you send your children to a traditional public school, what can we really expect? Well, you can definitely count on a classroom full of over 30 students, limited extra-curricular activities, and teachers that do not give enough attention to struggling students.

Now, picture this. A classroom where students are paid attention to individually, learn at their own pace, and obtain complete mental freedom. Having students explore their own mental capacity allows natural knowledge to flourish. Maria Montessori discovered that letting children choose what they want to learn actually speeds up the learning process, creates a higher mental capacity, and allows natural mental development.

So now, who is Maria Montessori? Well, Maria Montessori became the first female physician in Italy in 1896. Upon completing her studies she quickly became involved in psychological and mental childhood development practices in Rome. Fascinated by the child’s mind, she continued to closely monitor children including observing toddlers and how they react while learning their surroundings. By closely monitoring their behavior, Maria concluded that children’s minds develop better when given complete freedom.

Maria believed that a child’s mental capacity increased when development occurred naturally. With that in mind, the Montessori method was born. This practice has revolutionized the way teaching exists today. Arrow Montessori School has adopted this method, fundamentally building an organization around this program. Arrow Montessori School provides the intellectually capable teachers, tools, and environment necessary for your child’s mind to develop naturally. Now that you’ve read who Maria Montessori was and why Arrow Montessori School practices the Montessori method, you know that by enrolling your child with us that they will receive a quality customized education that you cannot get anywhere else.

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