How Montessori Teachers Deal with Aggressive Students

Teaching is considered as one of the most noble and respectful jobs in the world. Teachers are supposed to be patient and determined in both teaching and personality perspective. As a teacher, one has to deal with dissimilar types of students in different grades. The most difficult types of students are those with violent and aggressive nature. These students obstruct the pace of teaching and cause a big challenge to the patience of a teacher. A Montessori teacher deal with their students in following manner:

Frequent Interaction  

Kids with aggressive behaviors seek attention every time. Thus, they pay special attention to the kid to be acquainted with his ideas about any specific topic. As a teacher, when they give importance to a child’s view, it makes him confident and his aggressive manners get cloaked gradually

Quiet & Calm Tone

This is also a basic tip that Montessori teachers follow when dealing with aggressive children. They speak in a compact yet soft tenor so that kids find them as approachable and amicable.  Children, especially in middle school face many changes in their school life and personality. It causes lots of frustration in them. Always try to make your teaching sessions more interesting so that complicated kids feel happy around you. Remember, when you walk with a child in a strict and loud tone, you scare him, and he goes into the shell. It’s really difficult to reduce their fear when you don't decrease your tone.

Optimistic and peaceful approach

A Montessori teacher understands that dealing with an aggressive child is a huge challenge. Getting annoyed and angry or walk out of a session can make a child learn the same attitude. At this time, Montessori teachers have a peaceful and quiet approach that works wonders. They support the child to do positive things and help him to be busy by giving him a personalized attention.

In a nutshell, Montessori teachers act like a philosopher – friend when teaching violent and aggressive kids. This will aid them to get better personality and act normally like other children in the classroom.

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