Top 5 Summer Montessori Activities That Promote Learning through Fun

For many people (around 40%), summer is the best time of the year! There's something so magical and exciting about the warm weather and endless opportunities for fun activities outside the regular routine.

But it can also be a difficult season for parents. Coming up with new things to do for months can be exhausting! Especially when your focus is on educational activities that promote creativity and imaginative play.

Many parents lean into the Montessori method of learning, which encourages self-driven play that also helps build valuable life skills along the way. Check out these summer Montessori activities you can plan for your kids!

1. Clay Sculpting

A hallmark of a fun summer is getting the opportunity to be messy and creative. Clay sculpting is an easy way to do both of those things at the same time.

Set out a couple of colors of clay and let your child create anything their heart desires. Or provide a simple prompt and see what they come up with! Your child will love using their hands to create all different kinds of masterpieces.

2. Nature Collection

Spending time outside is one of the best ways to incorporate more Montessori activities into your child's summer. Try going on a nature scavenger hunt! You can encourage your child to gather samples of all different elements like leaves, grass, or flowers while playing in the backyard or going on a walk.

They'll be shocked at all the different things they find and gain an appreciation for the outdoors!

3. Insect Matching

One of the main elements of Montessori activities is how they help a child learn about their surroundings.

Create an insect-matching game with bugs they may see while playing outside. This will be a fun game to play but will also give them something to do while outside as well. They can try to locate as many species as possible throughout the season!

4. Mystery Bag

For those times when you need to stay inside, consider creating a mystery sensory bag. Simply put, a surprise item they use every day in a bag. Then the child will try to identify the item simply by feeling it. You can choose harder and harder things as the summer goes on for more of a challenge.

5. Picnic Lunch

Experts say spending time outside is an important aspect of a healthy life. Even having a picnic lunch can make a big difference in your child's wellness.

Make it even more fun by having them help you pick the menu and prepare the food. The more involved they can be, the better!

Best Montessori Activities for the Summer

The best part about all Montessori activities is that they don't require a lot of extra effort for the adults involved! They are designed to encourage the child to lead and drive the play on their own.

Adding a few of these activities to your summer routine will help everyone have the best summer season ever! Our team of Montessori experts loves to help children of all ages learn while having a ton of fun! If you're interested in learning more about our Montessori programs, contact us today!

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