The Importance of Infant and Toddler Daycare

Did you know that the toddler's brain works twice as fast as adults? Not only are they active but flexible as well. Their brains have more connections per brain cells than those of adults. 

If you'd like your infant or toddler to reach their full potential, then an infant and toddler daycare might be right for them. What are the benefits of signing your child up for one, though? 

It can feel difficult to decide whether or not to send your child to daycare, but it doesn't have to be. Read this guide on the benefits of infant and toddler daycare today! 

Social and Emotional Intelligence

Through a Montessori school, your child will get to develop skills such as cooperation and sharing. They'll develop skills and make friends along the way. Children get to practice their social and cognitive skills, from teamwork to problem-solving. 

Through the Maria Montessori method, children will be in a safe and supportive environment that allows them to explore and learn while preventing separation anxiety. 


Children will learn consistency at the Montessori School San Dimas through the program. Stability and structure will allow children to learn and grow.

Children can anticipate and predict what's next. Predictability allows them to feel more confident in their lives. 


The Montessori Academy prides itself on fostering independence for your child. Through independent learning, children learn confidence and can be autonomous with projects. These projects will allow your child to build independence and feel more confident overall. 

Improved Health

A Montessori Preschool and Daycare will encourage positive eating habits in your child. Daycares expose your child to various healthy foods and drinks. Children will learn what’s good for them through healthy eating and cooking.

Preschools and daycares also encourage playtime, which fosters exercise. Exercise is good for cardiovascular health. While playing with other children, they'll also strengthen their immune systems. 

Ready for Kindergarten

Your child will be ahead and could be ready for kindergarten. They'll understand consistency, how schools work, and will be able to sit in class and learn. Children will already be used to going to school each day and meeting other kids. 

The Benefits of a Montessori Daycare

The Montessori method focuses on everyday activities to improve motor and language skills. Children may learn to read and comprehend math sooner than in traditional daycares. 

Learning is hands-on to increase focus and fun. Montessori daycares are focused on each child and their individual needs instead of the entire classroom.

Children can learn and grow based on their needs and learning styles. They'll learn to complete self-guided tasks and have caretakers available for guidance and safety. 

The Benefits of Infant and Toddler Daycare

This guide provides you with a brief overview of the benefits of infant and toddler daycare. Your child can learn and grow through a safe program at their own pace, getting ready for the school years. 

Are you ready to get started with a well-developed and respected educational program for children? Then, contact us today!

We're located right in San Dimas and follow the Montessori Method. If you have any questions, we're happy to help. 

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