Reasons Your Child Will Enjoy a Montessori School

Did you know that there are more than 5,000 Montessori schools in the United States?

Students who receive a Montessori education are ready for a fulfilling life that continues after they graduate. Each child receives an education according to their own learning preferences and personality.

Because they can design their own educational experience, students love school! Plus, they develop a long-lasting passion for learning information. Here are some more reasons why your child will enjoy attending a Montessori school in San Dimas!


Self-motivation is encouraged in the Montessori classroom.

Students are encouraged to take charge of their education. This gets done through the design of the classrooms and the curriculum. Teachers set guidelines, but it is up to the student to choose what and how they want to learn.

The students are responsible for their own knowledge because of this. As a result, children learn to be self-motivated and enjoy reaching their goals in the classroom.

Close Relationships

Over the course of their Montessori academy education, children grow in the classroom. They come to understand that they are a part of a community where everyone contributes.

Children practice independence, but they also get the chance to collaborate with their friends and classmates. 

Critical Thinking

Students are encouraged to self-regulate in the Montessori classroom.

Students develop critical thinking skills when in an environment that values independence. They don't approach test preparation in the same way.

In actuality, tests are not the primary motivator in Montessori. Students reflect on what they are learning and retain it.

This is because there isn't a focus on testing but rather on retaining knowledge that is attributed to life skills. They learn how to enjoy critical thinking and problem-solving on their own.

Unique Learning Environment

As soon as you walk into a classroom, you can tell the difference between Montessori education and one from a typical public school.

Instead of having rows of desks, the classrooms feature “stations.” These are set up around the space where students can choose to work on anything alone or in groups. Without a strict curriculum or assessments, the teachers mentor students as they learn.

Additionally, there isn't a strong focus on incentives or penalties. The Montessori method places more emphasis on the kids' hands-on learning, problem-solving skills, and teamwork skills.

Open Curriculum

The option for each student to learn at their own pace is available within a Montessori education. Each child is unique and shouldn't be expected to have the same learning preferences, according to the Montessori educational philosophy.

Within reasonable bounds, Montessori students are free to decide what and how they wish to learn. They can feel assured in their talents and avoid developing bitterness toward school as a result.

Enroll Your Child In a Montessori School In San Dimas

The environment for learning that a Montessori education provides is not present in other schools. Students who receive a Montessori education are able to collaborate well with others and have a hunger for knowledge that lasts their entire lives. They are self-motivated and independent thinkers because they practiced independent thought from a young age.

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