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Protect Your Children From Getting COVID-19

In the U.S. alone, at the time of this writing, there are over 85,000 cases of COVID-19.

Right now, the risk of children getting COVID-19 shows the same threats as it does to adults. But, there is more to discover about how the virus acts with children.

We know that as a parent you hope to never have to deal with such a difficult circumstance. 

Finding a way to support your child's studies as well as keeping their attention can be tough. On the bright side, these times become a great chance to teach, by combining COVID-19 preventative measures with Montessori academy values.

You can do this through three different and effective ways.

Proper Hand Washing Technique Prevents Children Getting COVID-19 

Now is a great time to show your little one how important hand washing is - not any kind of hand washing - proper hand washing. This means washing hands for 20 seconds and making sure to scrub!

Singing the song “Happy Birthday” twice is an accurate time example. You can also pick any 20-second song for you and your child to sing together.

This encourages the calm and peaceful atmosphere that they would get in the classroom. Hand washing has been one of the first known steps to preventing coronavirus.

Routine Disinfecting of Frequently Touched Surfaces 

Taking the time to wipe down the things that you and your family members touch can make a world of a difference.

This is especially true when it comes to preventing virus contact. Thoroughly disinfect doorknobs, handles, remotes, and anything else your children come into contact with. 

Putting this into practice also maintains the beauty of your home. This instills your child with the importance of keeping the home clean and beautiful.

You can do this cleaning on your own, but you can also most certainly have your children help you. Providing them with a responsibility like to yours will help develop their leadership skills and boost their self-esteem.

This is the same way we would encourage them at school. 

Staying Home & Social Distancing

One of the most difficult and most crucial ways to lower the risk of children getting COVID-19 is by limiting their contact with others.

You can determine boundaries. This can work through staying informed. Stay up to date on whether coronavirus in schools is a major problem, knowing how many cases are in your state, or not taking your child to public gatherings. 

It seems simple enough to say “no” to a visit to the local playground or a birthday party, but we all know it's a lot harder than it sounds when it comes to excited and persistent kids. 

Offering family activities, or a walk through the neighborhood, as an alternative option can reduce the sadness your child might be experiencing. 

Now is Not Forever

It's important to remember that now is not forever when it comes to anything.

For now, we can all do our part in preventing children getting COVID-19, but, soon enough, we will not have to worry any more as long as we all work together. 

When that time soon arrives, we hope you find Arrow Montessori as a valuable resource to continue uplifting your child and walking alongside them in order to encourage them to be the best that they can be for the world. We are always happy to talk with you about our many different programs and answer inquiries about enrollment. 

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