Montessori School vs. Traditional Schools: Which is Best for Your Child?

Over 22,000 schools worldwide use the Maria Montessori method. This is an alternative teaching method developed by Italian educator Dr. Maria Montessori. It focuses heavily on early education enrichment. 

You're probably wondering if a Montessori school would be a good choice for your children. If so, read on. You'll learn how a Montessori preschool can differ from a traditional one. 

Flexible Learning Structure

A traditional school is strictly ordered. Students' ages determine their grade level. They can only spend so much time on a lesson. 

Essentially, all students must work at the same place. However, every student is different. Some may struggle with certain lessons, while others may not. 

A Montessori academy allows students to work at their natural paces. The learning environment is adapted around this. 

Learning Through Play 

A teacher guides students in a traditional environment. He or she stands at the front of a classroom and instructs the students on what to do. This isn't the case at a Montessori school.

Dr. Montessori believed that children only needed a little guidance. Beyond that, they could educate themselves. So the teacher acts more like a facilitator rather than a lecturer.

The students mostly learn and explore for themselves through play activities. Teachers model learning activities and divert inappropriate behavior, but that's mostly it. 

Internal Sense of Accomplishment

Rewarding perfection is a major component of traditional schools. It's also believed that students will gain validation from external sources. These include praise and good grades. 

Montessori schools understand that human beings are not perfect. They teach students that mistakes are learning opportunities. They help them not feel embarrassed if they make mistakes. 

Also, instead of grades, students gain an internal sense of pride from their accomplishments. They recognize when they've accomplished something themselves. Something or someone else has no part in this realization. 

Prepared Environment 

You'll also notice a difference in the environment of a Montessori infant and toddler daycare. Rooms have soft colors that aren't distracting and natural lighting. Also, students can always access all learning materials. 

Also, teachers respect students' individual choices. Students who prefer to work alone can do so in prepared quiet corners. In a traditional school, students would be forced to work in groups. 

Montessori schools also have different learning materials. Traditional schools use tools like worksheets and/or textbooks. Montessori environments have special materials that engage all five senses at once. 

We're the Best Montessori School San Dimas Offers

Children have their own methods of learning. Teachers should respect that individuality. This will foster incredible levels of learning. 

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