Language Skill Development In School-Age Children

Communication is as much of a key foundation and skill in school as it is in life. During a child’s school years, he or she will experience a remarkable transformation through language development. The variation between a kid’s language skill is generally most noticeable between the ages of 5 and 10.Their grammar, vocabulary, and ability to express thoughts grows with each grade.

Studies on child development have shown, children with excellent language skills perform better in education, develop strong memories and show a clear hold on diction. Being comfortable with their language can also help a child to feel more confident with their peers and make friends more easily.

The important language developments your child will see in school include:

Vocabulary growth

Once a kid enters grade school, their vocabulary is likely to develop as they gain knowledge of new words, and how to use them to express themselves.

Accurate speech

They are taught to speak correctly by avoiding grammatical mistakes when writing and speaking.

How to play with words

In school, children are asked to solve riddles, create stories and tell jokes. They love tongue twisters and songs which help them to grow their language skills.

Writing skills

Children will progress from creating short words in early grades to eventually writing longer sentences and complex essays in later grades.

Meaningful conversations

As children grow their language skills from early grade onwards, they express themselves more clearly, using more complex sentences and logical thoughts. They learn to talk about a theme or subject for a longer time with more detail and depth.

How parents can support their children?

Practicing writing, reading and vocabulary at school plays a vital part in childhood language development, but how parents interact with their children can have a huge impact on their growth as well.

Encourage your child to read a lot

Encourage your child to read books and stories after school, at bedtime and when they’re on break. Reading is an effective way to learn new words and gain a familiarity with different forms of diction.

And, more than anything else, speaking with your child from a very early age will strengthen their ability to speak and understand language. Parents should chat with their kids at dinner time, while they dress them or drive them to school.  It’s a time-tested and proven way to help your child to grow strong mental, and emotional skills and even perk up their marks in exams and tests.

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