Is a Montessori School Right for Your Child?

Your child's first learning environment will set the tone for their educational journey. 

Young students are starting to feel school stress early on and it is having an adverse effect on their mental health. Traditional schools with standardized testing give children added pressure and stress that takes away from the joy of learning. 

If you are interested in finding the right school for your child, you may want to consider Montessori school.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Montessori school. 

What Is a Montessori School? 

Montessori education consists of learning that is child-directed. Children are guided to direct their own studies and encouraged to focus on their personal interests. Teachers are present to support children in their learning. 

Montessori schools offer a hands-on approach to learning. Much of the classroom activities involve children devoting their days to projects they are passionate about.

Instead of lectures and lessons, children in a Montessori academy can work on puzzles, read, or work on an art project. They are encouraged to use sensory touch and play as part of their learning. 

The Maria Montessori Method  

Maria Montessori was an Italian doctor who studied child development. In her studies, she found that the traditional teaching methods in public schools did not align with children's natural development. 

She created a method of education to allow children to focus on tasks that they enjoy and follow their innate interests. This allows for creativity and creates a more organic learning environment. 

These are the principles of Maria Montessori's method: 

  • Learning through experimentation including touch and play 
  • Honoring the child's level of learning 
  • Learning life skills in addition to math, science, and English 
  • Teaching spiritual, emotional, physical, and social aspects of life
  • Learning freely within the set boundaries 
  • Emphasizing calm and peace in the learning environment. 

It was Maria's belief children need independence and the opportunity for exploration. This way, they can flourish and pursue their passions. Even young children in Montessori preschool are given this opportunity.

Is Montessori School Right for Your Child? 

There are several ways to know if the Montessori method is the right choice for you and your child. Of course, all children have different needs and different learning styles.

These are some of the indicators that your child might benefit from Montessori school: 

  • They learn more effectively with individual attention from the teacher 
  • They are self-motivated and self-sufficient 
  • They enjoy hands-on learning activities
  • They can communicate and interact with children of all ages 

You want your child to thrive in familiar environments as well. In a Montessori school, they will likely grow with the same student and teachers for many years. 

Choosing Montessori School 

The Montessori method is not just one style of learning. It is suitable for most children because it is versatile in order to meet the needs of each individual student. 

Montessori schools offer programs for children of all ages. With infant and toddler daycare and preschool programs, it is never too early to get your child started in this conducive and beneficial learning environment. 

If you are in the San Dimas area, there are options for your child to enjoy a Montessori learning environment in our San Dimas Preschool.

The Takeaway on Montessori School 

Finding the right school for your child is important for their social, cognitive, and emotional growth. Traditional schools can create added stress and pressure on the youngest of children. By choosing a Montessori school for your child, they cultivate a love for learning from the very beginning! 

Be sure to visit our website and learn about programs at Montessori school in San Dimas.

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