Identifying the Benefits of Montessori Preschool Education

The Maria Montessori method has been adopted by over 22,000 schools worldwide. Dr. Maria Montessori created this method that puts a focus on early education enrichment.

A Montessori preschool offers your child an education and a flexible learning structure. This lets students work at their own pace while still completing all their schoolwork.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits a Montessori preschool education can offer your child.

The Key Developmental Stages

The Montessori method became popular in 1909. This method is based on the concept that children will make extraordinary progress if given the opportunity to learn using:

  • Self-directed activity
  • Discovery learning
  • Interactive play

With this method, educators guide children to make discoveries by themselves. This allows students to make creative choices and work on problem-solving.

As the child ages and moves into the next developmental stage, the activities and learning opportunities adapt to match their current stage.

Promotes Academic Success

Through the Montessori method, children find a learning method that works for them. Instead of teaching every child in the same manner, the education focuses on your child's needs. 

This leads to adolescents and adults that know how to approach learning in a manner that works for them. By allowing children to find out what works for them early on, you'll be setting them up for success in the future. How many times have we seen people reach the university level only for them to fail because they never really learned how to study?

This method focuses on the overall learning experience, which leads to academic success.

Fosters Independence, Creativity, and Self-Control

Montessori schools allow children to make independent decisions and puzzle through problems. While there is guidance, children are encouraged to work with a problem until they find a solution.

Learning through discovery leads children to be more independent. This also leads children to have more creative solutions to everyday problems. By fostering a child’s natural curiosity, you allow them to discover the world at their own pace. 

This form of education also fosters self-control and discipline.

Children are encouraged to work together to solve problems. This helps them examine their work together and helps them work as a team.

This also helps children get better at learning from their mistakes as they aren't pointed out negatively. Instead, respect for each other is emphasized in the learning process. Students learn together, which fosters emotional growth.

Consider Enrolling Your Child at a Montessori Preschool

It's important to start thinking about your child's education early on. By choosing a Montessori school, you're not only setting your child up for success. So let your child explore and learn through hands-on activities at a San Dimas preschool.

If you're ready to get your child started at a Montessori preschool, feel free to contact us today. At Arrow Montessori School, we offer infant and toddler daycare year-round.

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