How to Help Your Child Succeed With Montessori Learning

At Arrow Montessori School, we occasionally ask new parents to think about a memory from their early education. Often, a smile spreads across their face as they recall a self-directed, interest-driven project or accomplishment that taught them something about who they are.

In our San Dimas classrooms, we strive to recreate that joy in our students every day.

New Montessori parents often have questions about how to support their child as they embark on their journey of individualized Montessori learning. We recognize this can be difficult if your only frame of reference is traditional school. Montessori success is sometimes as simple as stepping back and trusting that your unique, brilliant child knows what they need.

We've created this guide to help parents understand how to help their children thrive at our Montessori preschool, elementary, or middle school. Read on to learn how to become an effective member of your child's team. 

Encourage Independence 

When parents visit our classrooms to observe their child, they often remark that their child “isn't this responsible at home!” Our question to you is: why not? You can support and encourage your child by giving them more age-appropriate responsibilities at home, from cleanup to food preparation. 

Stand Back and Observe

In many classrooms, the teacher is “the sage on the stage.” In a Montessori program, teachers are observers and collaborators.

When adults demonstrate trust and confidence in children, they're more likely to make decisions without seeking affirmation. Uninhibited children tend to be more creative, better problem solvers, and strong critical thinkers. They recognize their thoughts have value at every age. 

Next time your instinct is to jump in and “help” your child, step back instead. Let them experiment and learn to trust their agency and ideas. 

Stick to Routines

Classroom routines help scaffold student success in the Montessori classroom. A consistent structure allows room for play and risk-taking, as children feel safe and know what's coming next. Stick to routines in your home to help keep little ones on track.

Do Your Research

Children are more likely to succeed when they understand the purpose behind a task. We believe the same is true for adults. If you have a question about what's going on in the classroom, ask your child's teacher—or, better yet, ask your child!

It's easier to enter these conversations with context and understanding. Read up on the Montessori method, or come observe a day of school. You can also browse the parent resources on our website as a starting point.

You Are the Key to Success in Montessori Learning

In the Montessori learning style, we always strive to meet children where they are. You can do the same by learning to observe and listen to your child rather than projecting high-stakes expectations. When you make room for joy and exploration, your child will surely thrive. Respectful, individualized learning is the norm at Arrow Montessori School.  Infants through middle schoolers gain the time and space to grow and pursue their unique desires. Schedule a tour and see what the Montessori method looks like in action.

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