Everything You Need to Know About the Maria Montessori Method

If you have a young child, chances are that you have heard about the Maria Montessori method at least once. Schools around the world are embracing this famous approach to learning, but what does that mean exactly for kids? This article will help you understand more about this approach. 

To learn more and get the lowdown on this program, how it works, and why it's so effective, read on. 

Who Was Maria Montessori?

First things first, a bit of historical background. Maria Montessori was born in Italy in 1870 from a very well-educated family. Maria graduated from medical school in 1896, becoming one of the first female doctors in the country.

Her initial practice was in psychiatry, but she soon developed a passion for pedagogy. This led her to begin observations on the way intellectually challenged children were taught and learned.

In 1900, Maria became co-director of a training institute for children with special needs. In 1907, she finally opened her own center, the “Casa dei bambini”. This was a daycare service for children from 3 to 7 years of age, coming from poorer and under-served backgrounds.

To begin with, the children were wayward and rebellious, but Maria used her very own approach with them. Gradually, they became interested in the daily activities that Maria would engage them in. Eventually, they thrived and demonstrated higher levels of concentration and self-discipline.

So, what exactly did Maria's method involve, and why was it so successful?

What Is the Maria Montessori Method?

The approach designed by Maria Montessori was, in fact, a rather simple one. It created a stimulating learning environment using daily objects instead of toys. Children had the possibility to choose whatever item they wanted to play with, which allowed them the freedom to explore their surroundings in a more spontaneous, yet very effective way.

By playing in this independent way, the children's social, cognitive, and academic skills improved. Maria's method grew in popularity over the decades, and there are now thousands of Montessori-based schools around the world. Arrow Montessori is one of them: a leading Montessori academy that caters to the needs of pupils from preschool to junior high.

You may wonder, at this point, whether the Maria Montessori method is suitable for your child. It is if you believe that a child should be free to use their innate curiosity and inquisitiveness to learn. Help your child to get to know the world on their own terms and by exploring their surroundings freely, with the Montessori method.

Choose the Maria Montessori Method for Fun, Effective, Child-Centered Learning

By choosing the Maria Montessori method, you will put your child at the center of their learning environment. Leaving them free to play, explore, and understand, they will learn in the most natural and effective way.

Keen to know even more? Our fun, engaging, and interactive classes can stimulate your child's natural learning skills. Contact us today to find out more and reserve a spot for your little one.

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