Christmas Fun Activities For Children

Christmas is just around the corner, and children are super excited about their long holidays at schools. Private Montessori Schools suggest that kids should be physically active and energetic throughout the vacations so that they can avoid the fear and anxiety of getting back to school after holidays. There are various activity ideas on Christmas vacations that you can use to keep your child busy and entertained. They can participate in decorations, make and pack gifts and cook Christmas goodies.

Festival decorations

The most fun activity during Christmas vacations is to decorate the house and the home garden. Children studying in Montessori Middle School Program can also help their parents in adorning walls, making cookies and other delicacies at home. An easy yet creative activity is to create a Christmas wreath using a paper plate, silver or gold spray paint, and pasta.

Christmas Gifts

Kids love to create handmade gifts for their friends and family members. This is one of the most favorite festival activities for children that they enjoy most and share the happiness of giving the gifts. Making a calendar is quite an easy and simple gift option for children. It can be made and printed on a PC and later the kid can paint and prettify the surrounding.


Creating fun Christmas cards and making wrapping paper are also fun activity ideas for Christmas festival.  The paper can be created by decorating big sheets of blank white paper. Kids can paint or color those sheets with their favorite shades like blue, pink, red, orange or any other color. Later, these colored papers are printed with the sponge and given the different shapes of Christmas trees and star, and flowers.

Christmas Cooking

For children going to Montessori Middle School Program, cooking for Christmas occasion is the best idea. You can guide your child to help and make their favorite candies and fudges. Cookies and pancakes are also great cooking choices and can be gifted to others.

Some private Montessori schools also start preparing their students to take active participation in several activities at school that include decorating the classroom and creating crafts and greeting cards. There are several activities that you can use to keep your child entertained and engaged while enjoying their holidays. Parents can also try activities such as games, Christmas puzzles and countless other fun yet educational activities.

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