Nannies or Infant Care Program - What to Choose ?

Taking care of an infant is not easy, especially for working mothers. Most parents hire a Nanny to take care of their baby or they send their infant to a day care center. So what is the better option? We are going to describe you a few important reasons why you should consider when sending your child to an infant care center rather than choosing a Nanny for him.

Training and Experience

There is no doubt that most Nannies are first aid certified, trained and experienced in their job, but few of them have knowledge about early child care. In an infant care center, highly educated and experienced staff in early child care is hired.


A Nanny may be good at keeping your child safe and happy at home, but an infant care program allows children to socialize with other children. They will find a new environment, people and experience by learning about new things in life.


Sending your kid to an infant care center will be more advantageous and effective for the overall personality growth of them. A Nanny gets only required education and training for child care, she cannot teach the valuable skills to your child. A day care center works in wider way and it has several teachers, equipments, different types of learning activities to foster the unique personality and independence of your kid. In addition, your child learns to interact with other children, speak a new language and explore new things.


You can easily reach to your Nanny any time and keep an eye on her activity while taking care of the child. However, most nannies keep on looking for alternate career option, sometimes they are sick and cannot come to take care of your baby. This situation can be difficult for parents, especially for working parents. Who will take care of your child?

The Infant day care center is safer and more secured way to provide complete security and care for your children while you are away. Here the teachers and caretakers are always available and you do not need to be stressed about finding a replacement.

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