5 Exceptional Things To Expect From a Montessori Academy

Are you looking for a tried and true schooling method, that offers children more than regular schooling? The Montessori approach was developed to meet those needs.

A Montessori academy will promote independent learning. It lets your child's natural curiosity drive their studies. At the same time, they'll develop the skills they need to prepare them for life.

Let's explore 5 exceptional things you can expect from a Montessori academy. 

1. Child-Directed Learning

Don't worry, this doesn't mean kids at the front of the class! The Montessori method allows each child to work on projects that they choose for themselves. 

The work is pre-planned by teaching staff and is accessible to students. They self-select what they would like to work on that day, choosing something that piques their interest.

Don't expect to see a teacher at the front of the class, teaching all the children the same subject. Children will work on their own projects at their own pace, with teachers there to support and guide them.

2. A Mixture of Academic and Life Skills

A Montessori academy gives children the chance to develop life skills alongside academic ones. Math, English, science, geography, and other traditional subjects are not overlooked. 

The Montessori method eschews the one-size-fits-all approach. Learners receive instruction adapted to their own learning style.

Learners are also empowered with an awareness of their environment. They learn about their responsibility towards it. They are also taught to care for themselves, through activities such as polishing shoes and cleaning dishes.

3. Learners Move Around The Room

Learners are not restricted to a single desk. At a Montessori academy, there is plenty of room for learners to choose their place to work. This could be at a desk, on the floor, or in a quiet corner. 

As they move around, they are encouraged to interact with each other. Through these interactions, they learn the value of collaborative working. They are also exposed to peer teaching and develop social skills.

This is also true in a Montessori daycare. From a young age, children are encouraged to seek out activities that interest them. Rather than being a form of babysitting, Montessori daycare fosters a love of learning in young ones.

4. Mixed Age Groups

The Montessori method dismisses the notion that children of the same age develop at the same rate. Rather than grouping children by age, it's not uncommon to see mixed age group classes in a Montessori school. 

As in real life, children work on their own projects but also help each other. Older children can help the younger ones to grasp new concepts or skills. This effectively prepares children for collaborating across ages in adult life. 

5. Children Correct Their Own Errors

In traditional education, children rely on teachers to correct their errors. With the Montessori method, the design of activities allows the child to practice self-correction. 

Learners can work on a project as long as they need to internalize the concepts.

Why a Montessori Academy Is a Great Choice

When your child attends a Montessori academy, they're getting more than academic education. They get the chance to develop as people, learning to care about their environment. They learn to collaborate successfully with others through stimulating activities.

At Arrow Montessori School, our learners range from infants to middle school children. We have over 18 years of experience with the Montessori method. We also offer a wide range of after-school programs.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your child.

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