10 Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner, so it's time to get spooky. Kids love a fun activity that will give them a bit of a fright. Giggles, haunts, and a fun time are in store with these creative Halloween activities for kids.

A night of fright and fun is ahead. Just be sure to keep an eye out over your shoulder.

1. Yarn Mummies

Create and cut out a cardboard mummy. Paint the front black and let it dry completely. Add googly eyes with glue dots or tacky glue. Once all elements are dry, cut small slits on the edges to keep the yarn in place.

Tape the end of a piece of white yarn to the back and begin wrapping around your mummy person from head to toe. Be sure to leave space for the eyes. Once your mummy is wrapped up, secure the end of the yarn to the back with tape.

2. Make a Monster

Let your kids get hands-on with this monster activity. Use clay to shape the body of the monster and a variety of craft supplies to add the feature. Googly eyes, pipe cleaners, ribbons, and more will create a unique scary creature.

3. Pinecone Bats

Take a nature walk to collect pine cones. Use black felt and pipe cleaners to create bat wings. Hot glue the wings into the side of the pinecone.

Add googly eyes, felt ears, and white cardstock fangs for a frighteningly cute face. 

4. Pumpkin Decorating

A classic Halloween activity is decorating a pumpkin. Head to a pumpkin patch and pick out a few of your favorites. Make sure they vary in size, shape, and color.

Set up a station with paint, pompoms, gems, and buttons, and let your kiddos express themselves.

5. Ghost Busting Kit

The fun of Halloween is a little bit of fright. Create a kit with flashlights, a notepad and pen, and a couple of homemade gadgets. Hide stuffed ghosts around the house.

Then turn off the lights and see what you can find. Of course, you'll need a snack after all that hard work.

6. Paper Plate Witches

Paint your paper plate a witchy green. Add large googly eyes and cardboard features like a nose, mouth, and wart. Don't forget her signature black hat and colorful yarn hair.

7. Cauldron Slime

Your witch needs a bubbling cauldron, of course. You can buy a cauldron in the Halloween section and use a classic slime recipe to create her potion. Add fake spiders, eyeballs, and frogs to the brew.

8. Black Cat Handprints

Have your child trace and cut out their handprint on black construction paper. Cut out a head with ears and glue it to the palm. Add kitty details with white pens and googly eyes; the fingers will be the cat's legs, and the thumb is the tail. 

9. Scary Good Doughnuts

After all this fun, it's time for a snack. You can make easy homemade doughnuts or buy some from the grocery store. Decorate with drippy frosting, candy eyes, or icing blood.

10. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Great for kids of all ages, get them moving with a scavenger hunt. Create a list and have them run inside and out to collect all the items. Little toys and candy make excellent prizes.

Halloween Activities for Kids

Kids love Halloween, and it's a great holiday to let them be creative.

These ten Halloween activities for kids will keep them engaged and get them into the spooky spirit.Find out how we can help your child's creative and social development.

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