10 Fun After School Activities for Kids

It's no secret that kids need constant stimulation. Your school-age children are hard at work building their skills for the future and growing their brains. It's at this stage where they develop emotionally, physically, as well as intellectually. 

This means that your kids need to continue learning even when they aren't in class. After school activities for kids are imperative to their intellectual growth and one of the biggest assets you could offer your children. 

Let's take a moment to go over several fun after-school activities for your kiddos! 

1. Sensory Containers

One of the best ways to build a child's imagination is by giving them sensory objects. These are objects that promote the use of different senses. Sensory containers are simply containers filled with different materials that excite children's senses, they can be filled with dry food (think pasta, beans, rice, etc) , different organic material, water, and whatever else you can think of. 

2. Dress-up Promotes Imagination

Dress-up is the key to building up a child's imagination and allowing them to learn to create. This allows children to step into their own worlds and grow their own stories. Host a little runway at home! Give your child different options to dress up in and allow your child to explore their creativity with clothes. 

3. Craft a Story

Help children express themselves by assisting them in storytelling. Document (or help your child write down) whatever it is that their little minds possess. You'll be surprised to see what their little brains build.  

4. Finger Painting

Get your hands dirty and promote self-expression. Children can learn a great deal from finger painting such as how to mix colors. 

5. Scavenger Hunts

Build up a scavenger hunt that requires them to use their thinking caps. Scavenger hunts give your children the chance to problem solve. Your little adventurer will love to find the activity you've thrown together. 

6. Collect Nature Objects

Go outside and see what the world has to offer. Pick up sticks, stones, and leaves to discuss further. Where do these items come from and what can be done with them? 

7. Have a Dance Party

Get some of that pent-up energy out of their systems! Promote movement and expression by putting on some music and reminding your child how to move to the beat. Dance is a form of self expression, thus allowing your child to explore different types of communication.

8. Film a Homemade Movie

Prep your child to be a director one day. Pull out your cell phone and help your child to craft the story they want to tell. This is a fun bonding activity as you can both look back at the videos you made and have a good laugh.

9. An Assisted Snack

Help your child to make their own snack when they're hungry. Spreading peanut butter and jelly on crackers gets their fine motor skills working! Strengthen small hands with these fun and tasty treats. 

10. Prepare Dinner Together

Have your little one help you in the kitchen. There are plenty of skills that come along with making dinner. Show your child how to be independent by mixing together the ingredients and waiting for them to finish in the oven.

After School Activities for Kids Are Beneficial

Watch your kids grow and learn with these different extracurricular activities. When you find after school activities for kids you allow children to grow their skills and prepare to be well-rounded adults in the future. 

Find those creative activities for kids that allow your children to advance and grow. Want to find out more about Montessori teaching methods? Let us provide you with the information you and your kids need.

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