What to Consider When Choosing Montessori Schools

Apart from their homes, youngsters spend the majority of their time in school. But they benefit from a pleasant school environment in a variety of ways. If the school is not suitable for your kid, they may face the consequences.

As a result, selecting the ideal Montessori school is critical. But knowing what to look for might be difficult.

Use these suggestions to choose a Montessori school if you would like to make the best selection for you and your child.

School Values

When choosing a school for your kids, you must consider whether they have a strong culture and dedicated teachers who can influence student performance. A good school should have a healthy culture that allows teachers to connect more with students.

At Arrow Montessori Academy, a teacher is more of a guide than a leader. As a result, students can engage in activities with each other and with their teacher.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities usually have a huge impact on learners' lives. Thus, you need to be sure that a school provides activities such as sports, music, and club activities.

Co-curricular activities help learners explore their interests and bond with other students. Arrow Montessori School in San Dimas has several extracurricular activities that include swimming, gardening, nature hiking, etc.

Safety and Security

You probably want an infant and toddler daycare that will guarantee the safety of your kids. Thus, determine how they handle upsets, bullying, or any other sort of safety issue.

When you bring your kids to Montessori preschool, you are assured that your kids will be safe. We make sure our school is secure by:

  • Conducting background checks to all staff members 
  • Keeping school facility locked
  • Allowing only visitors with an appointment
  • Dismissing children to parents or authorized person

We are always prepared to keep your kids safe and secure.

School Curriculum

Do you want your kids to have a strong academic foundation? Thus, you must ensure that the curriculum offered by the school is child-centric. Class activities should thus help students perform well academically and instill them with necessary life skills.

Our preschool curriculum is an innovative learning framework that incorporates the Maria Montessori method of learning that aligns with your kid's development needs and interests.

Behavior Policy

You must ensure that the school has vital children's character development programs. Thus, you need to be sure the school can shape students into responsible citizens.

Arrow Montessori School of San Dimas focuses on the self-discipline of the students. Students are encouraged to choose the correct behavior, be independent, and do the right things.

Choose Montessori School for Your Kids

Choosing a school for your kids is an important decision that will shape who they will become in the future. Thus, you must consider all important factors to ensure that the school has the right approach to help students explore their abilities.

At Arrow Montessori School of San Dimas, we offer various services: infant and toddler daycare, junior high programs, and after-school daycare for infants. We are open all year round. Our aim is to be the best school and childcare service in the San Dimas area.

Contact us today to find out more about our School!

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