How Montessori Schools Foster Emotional Development

Kindergarten and preschool classes around the world use child-sized desks and chairs. The idea of child-sized furniture was the brainchild of Maria Montessori.

She developed the Montessori school of thought. Read more about the history of the Montessori method here.

Montessori schools are known for fostering emotional development among students. Read on to learn how your child can enjoy developments that last a lifetime. 

Emotional Intelligence through Grace and Courtesy

The Montessori method is based on the principle of courtesy and grace. This philosophy focuses on teaching children to learn social norms and how to be polite. 

Montessori teachers at our school teach through behavior modeling. Older students are taught and expected to set examples for students in the classroom. This is because children are eager to copy the behavior of adults and older kids. 

Teaching manners is an important aspect of promoting development among our students. 

Building Maturity Starts in the Classroom

Montessori activities are designed to help students become more mature. Our teachers allow children the opportunity to discover at their own pace. 

Our pre-K learning environments encourage independent thought. They offer the chance to create fun and playful learning experiences. 

Building Emotional Intelligence Through Activities

Emotional intelligence is a central focus of our educational programs. Montessori schools cultivate emotional intelligence through structured interactions and activities.  The relationships between teachers and students are important.

When a student fulfills a constructive activity, that success satisfies their inner needs. This creates a sense of joy and encourages the child to complete more tasks. 

More knowledge and skills mean students are more comfortable. We believe this sets our school apart from others. 

Emotional Development Through Self-Direction

Montessori classrooms give students the freedom to direct their own studies. This gives them the opportunity to engage in self-governance. Self-governance is a crucial aspect of emotional development. 

The idea is not to simply dole out rewards and punishments. Montessori teachers encourage internal motivation. This helps our students develop a lifetime of emotional intelligence. 

Developing Concentration

Our Montessori academy education emphasizes learning side by side. This is true even for our youngest students. This style of learning helps students develop concentration skills.

Mixed Age Groups

Our classrooms contain a mix of ages. This has proven to help by letting older peers aid younger students. At our school, parents will see older students happily helping younger classmates. 

This process helps Montessori school San Dimas children learn social norms. As the students grow, they naturally help one another. This also adds to the comfort students feel.

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As mentioned earlier, our students work with different age groups. This helps them grow emotionally. 

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