5 Fun Winter Activities for Kids to Do!

The cold weather doesn't have to stop your children from having a lot of fun. There are plenty of great outdoor winter activities for kids that will help them get all of that excess energy out through play and give them a healthy workout. 

But what should your kid be doing this winter? 

We want to offer up some ideas. Bundle up and keep reading for some of our favorite winter things for kids to do outside!

1. Snow Day Obstacle Course

Do you want your kids to be active when they're out in the snow on your mountain trip? They'll warm right up when you set up some snowy obstacle courses for them. 

You don't need anything but the snow on the ground, though it will be helpful if you have things like toboggans and traffic cones. 

You have all of the building materials that you need even without those things. Build piles of snow for your child to jump over, forts for them to crawl through, and have them build all kinds of fun snowy decorations like snowmen and snow angels. You'll have as much fun building it as they have playing with it. 

2. Outdoor DIY Movie Theater

As long as it's still warm enough to sit outside, why not hook up a projector and set it to play movies against one of the outside walls of your home?

This is a great time to watch your favorite wintery movies, and it's a good opportunity to invite friends over for a safe, outdoor, family-friendly activity. 

3. Go On a Scavenger Hunt 

There are plenty of things to see outdoors, even in the wintertime. 

If you're in an area with a lot of nature, make sure you include things like certain kinds of plants and leaves that show up in the winter. If not, walk around the neighborhood and see if you can spot snowmen, a certain color of holiday lights, those inflatable lawn decorations, or anything else that fits your winter theme. 

Your kids will have a lot of fun seeking these things out.

4. Ice Skating Fun

Who doesn't love ice skating?

Starting your child early with ice skating is great for their balance and coordination, as well as their bravery! Your child will learn to fall down and get back up. It also gives them a skill that can last a lifetime. 

5. Have a Family Day Inside

Is the winter weather giving you the blues? You can also have a quiet day indoors with all kinds of fun activities.

Why not make a toasty blanket fort and play some board games indoors? Or bake holiday cookies? If the weather outside is frightful your home can still be delightful. 

What Are Your Favorite Winter Activities for Kids?

Do these winter activities for kids inspire you? Whether it's a sunny day with loads of snow or a blustery afternoon, there's something for every child. Pick your favorite activity and try it out today!

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