3 Important Skills Your Child Will Learn At Montessori Preschools

If your little one is ready to begin preschool, you may be feeling a bit apprehensive. 

Finding the right preschool program for your child can enhance learning. This will allow them to develop a great skill set.

You've likely heard of Montessori preschools.

But, do you know what makes them different? Continue reading to learn three skills your child will learn at a Montessori preschool. 

1. An Understanding of Self

The Montessori method uses sensory play. This allows your little one to have a better understanding of self. 

Your preschooler will have a greater understanding of the world around them. Using sensory materials such as visual, tactile, auditory, taste and olfactory encourage self-directed learning. Your little one will flourish and develop self-confidence.

Engaging your child's senses will encourage sensorial perception development. Along with a deeper understanding of self, your child will learn respect for all people and living things. 

2. Fine and Gross Motor Skills

The Montessori curriculum seeks to enhance fine and gross motor skills.

Dr. Maria Montessori created the Montessori method. She discovered a link between motor skills and brain development.

Montessori fine motor skills activities include locks and keys matching activities. Other motor skills activities include color matching and sorting bead activities. Your child will enjoy matching, grading, and sorting. 

Gross motor skills are coordinated muscle movements. Physical activity is vital for your child's health and well-being. Your child will develop their muscles. Additionally, strengthening their coordination with the use of practical life exercises. 

These exercises include good practices such as sweeping, pouring water, or washing a table, to name a few.  

3. Social-Emotional Skills

Children who learn in Montessori classrooms have shown the development of more vital social-emotional skills. 

The Montessori method stresses the importance of small children interacting with other small children. Children engage in purposive activities for both selfish and social needs. In return, this increases their independence and allows them to realize that their actions can benefit others.  

Your preschooler will learn emotional intelligence through activities, interactions, and relationships.

Montessori Preschools

The Montessori method offers a unique approach to learning. This method believes that a teacher does not teach but allows learning as a natural process. 

Your preschooler will be encouraged to follow natural curiosity. At Arrow Montessori School, your child will experience preschool. The class curriculum is specific to your child's individual needs. 

The Montessori approach will help your preschooler develop a love of learning. At Arrow Montessori School, your child will grow. You will be proud of the confidence and sense of achievement your child will have. 

Start Your Little One's Montessori Journey 

At Montessori preschools, your preschooler will receive a great headstart on life. Your child will be free to absorb information. A Montessori preschool allows your little one to investigate their surroundings in a safe environment.

Your little one's desire to learn is matched with Montessori methods to make learning enjoyable. Contact Arrow Montessori today for more information on how to help your child grow into their fullest potential.  

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